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Welcome to all game developpers worldwide !

This chapter is open to each and everyone who feels concerned by game development. If you wish to get more involved, join and become an IGDA member.

You can also attend our meetings to learn more about state-of-the-art and expand your business network.

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The most recent articles

  • Next meeting -  March 13th : IGDA Paris Social Event ...

    7 March 2007, by Thomas Demachy
    We were supposed to hold this social event last december, here it is : our next meeting will be a dinner without debate !
    The next IGDA Paris meeting will be a social event, a time to meet up with former co-workers, extend your social network, or just take a good time.
    Students looking for training periods are also welcome to meet with game professionnals, so bring up your resume and spread the word.
    Our meeting wil take place Tuesday, March 13th, at the restaurant "Un jour à Paris...", 48 (...)
  • Next meeting -  Tuesday, January 9th : Independent Games Development and co Production

    4 January 2007, by Thomas Demachy
    Thanks to the Xbox Live Arcade, independent games are now into the spotlight.
    An independent game is a game developped without an editor support. Independent studios must learn how to do more with less, and usually that comes with a lot of creativity.
    Our speakers are :
    Manuel Ruiz, from Freegamer,
    Benoit Hozjean, CEO of Kheops Studio,
    Ivan Lebeau, CEO of Elektrogames
    Our meeting will take place at the CNAM, room 11.A3.34, in the main CNAM building accessed by the 292, rue Saint (...)
  • Next meeting -  Tuesday, December 12 : Naughty but agile, secrets of a dog’s life

    1 December 2006, by Thomas Demachy
    At first, we thought about holding just two meetings per quarter, and having some kind of social event to round up. We were supposed to have such an event, a diner at the restaurant for December. But when Christope Balestra, VP Technology at Naughty Dog calls to tell us that he’ll be in Paris in December and ask us what do we do at IGDA, we couldn’t just invite him for dinner, could we ?
    In 1997, Christophe Balestra founded Rayland Interactive in Paris with some friends. But in the early (...)
  • Meeting Reports -  Meeting Nicolas Gaume

    27 November 2006, by Thomas Demachy
    On November 9th, The IGDA Paris Chapter invited Nicolas Gaume, former CEO of Kalisto, to talk about his book, "Citizen Game ".
    Thanks to the CEDRIC lab, we had the opportunity to hold this meeting in an impressive place : the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers founded in 1794.
    We had approximatly fifty attendees for this meeting. A large audience, a nice place, an audio/video system.. The Paris Chapter is growing up !
    Interwiew In a two hours long interview, along with the (...)
  • Meeting Reports -  "Seduction of the Innocent" Anew

    February 2006 Meeting Report

    February 2006, by Thomas Demachy
    Addictifs, hyper violent one, brain washing, video games are regularely targeted as being the source of all evil. Where does all this misunderstanding come from ?
    For Michael Stora, psychologist, one of the principal reasons is the sacralization of the image. In our modern society, one exists only by the image. Conversely, the player often interacts with this image (in apparently violent settings), and contradiction with the sacralization of the image can prove to be disconcerting. In (...)

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