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Tuesday, December 12 : Naughty but agile, secrets of a dog’s life

Friday 1 December 2006, by Thomas Demachy

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At first, we thought about holding just two meetings per quarter, and having some kind of social event to round up. We were supposed to have such an event, a diner at the restaurant for December. But when Christope Balestra, VP Technology at Naughty Dog calls to tell us that he’ll be in Paris in December and ask us what do we do at IGDA, we couldn’t just invite him for dinner, could we ?

In 1997, Christophe Balestra founded Rayland Interactive in Paris with some friends. But in the early 2000’s, game development in France was in dire straits and Christophe decided to work overseas. He eventually joined Naughty Dog as a programmer, and after several years, now VP Technology, he splits his time between managing Naughty Dog’s team and being a PS3 Lead Programmer.

We all know Naughty Dog games, but how do they work ? Do they use any by-the-book method, or did they created one ? What are the differences between development in France and in the US ? And how a CTO can take the good decision on brand new next gen hardware ?

To ask your questions and get his answers, register online and join us starting 7:30 PM, conference at 8 PM and dinner around 9:30 PM (for a 15€ fare, drinks not included) at “Un jour à Paris”, 48 rue de l’échiquier in Paris.

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